The Small Print

When you register to take part in the CIOB Global Student Challenge, you agree to comply with the following rules and terms of the competition.

Participation & Eligibility Criteria

Team Member Criteria

  • Be currently studying on a full-time basis
  • Be studying either HND or Bachelor’s degree level – one team member may be studying up to Master’s level
  • Not have previously been a finalist of Global Student Challenge – previous competitors who did not make the final are welcome to compete again
  • Provide a valid email address as part of the registration process

Team Criteria

  • Be made up of four members
  • Not have members who are competing as part of another team
  • Attend the same University

Participant Responsibilities

  • There are no age restrictions on team members entering.
  • Each member of the team will assume the responsibility of a board member of their ‘company’.
  • Participants may be requested to take part in promotional activity relating to their involvement in the challenge, and the CIOB reserves the right to use the name(s) of the participants, their photographs and audio/visual recordings of them in any publicity.
  • If more than one team from a university achieves placement in the final six teams, only one team will be able to participate in the finals and represent the University.


Competing teams can draw support during the competition from both tutors and non-executive directors – the latter is not a necessity.


  • Responsible for registering their teams into the competition
  • Must not actively participate in the team’s decision-making process
  • One tutor may accompany their team to the finals to provide support, but must contiue to not actively participate in the team’s decision-making process

Non-Executive Director

  • Support may be taken from two non-executive directors, who we suggest could be previous competitors of Global Student Challenge
  • Must not actively participate in the team’s decision-making process
  • Non-executive directors will not be invited to the finals


Competing in the finals

The CIOB reserves the right to modify or amend the prize, rules or terms and conditions of the challenge at any time. Any changes will be publicised on the website and communicated to all participants.

Finalists must be available to travel abroad and participate in the finals.

Failure to comply with any rules, terms and conditions of the challenge may result in the participating teams’ disqualification and/or the forfeit of the team’s prize. The prize will then be awarded to another team.