Roles are allocated to each team member. These roles include a Financial Manager, Overheads Manager, Construction Manager and Estimating Manager, each with their own responsibilities.

During the game, teams are given data and graphs to help their analysis, including client information, value of contracts, service levels, status of relationship, markup, job analyser, showing the status of all bids, value, success rates, company financials, share price, investments, turnover, profit, value, overheads, staff & agency, capacity and training costs.

There are six weekly rounds in the Early Years competitive game. Teams are scored against Key Performance Indicators, including Gross Profit to Turnover ratio, Operating Profit to Turnover ratio, Company Value, Capital Employed, Forward Workload, Forward Margin, Share Price and Client Satisfaction.

quote1Roles & Responsibilities:

Financial Manager:

  • Looking after the interests of the shareholders
  • Make best use of the company’s assets to increase the value
  • Review investment opportunities and performance of current investment

Overheads Manager:

  • Setting staffing levels for all departments, including Marketing, Estimating, HQ, Quality and Health & Safety
  • Directing marketing effort, analysing market size, assessing potential sectors, client relationships, matching expertise with opportunities

Estimating Manager:

  • Deciding which jobs to cost
  • How many man-weeks is required to estimate the costs and risks of each job
  • Establishing the complexity of the costing exercise to achieve high confidence in the accuracy of the estimating process
  • Achieving the right balance of Build Only and Design & Build jobs

Construction Manager:

  • Progressing the jobs that have been awarded to the company
  • Ensuring the workforce on site is sufficient to progress the job in line with completion objectives
  • Utilising own labour and subcontractors to deliver across multiple jobs in the most cost effective way
  • Managing site costs

How do we play the game?

Your team need to be from the same university and each studying a built environment or faq_blockrelated subject full time. Each university can nominate up to five teams, only one of which can represent the university at the finals.

After you register the group’s tutor will receive login details for the game and you can all get stuck in testing the challenge out.