Our Finalists

Who will win Global Student Challenge 2021?

Greenwich Construction

University of Greenwich

Team Bio

Our team is called Greenwich Construction (GC) which is a diverse and inclusive team made up of three hardworking, committed students who want nothing but the best.

Biliamin Bakare-Tinko: BEN is an undergraduate student of Construction Management. He is full of entrepreneurial spirit and very competitive. He is the group team leader and is overseeing the Financial and Personnel departments of GC.

Giovanni Bortolin: Giovanni is studying Quantity Surveying and takes a particular interest in everything related to digital construction. He likes critical thinking and how company departments interact with each other, therefore takes responsibilities for managing the Overheads, Estimating, and Bidding departments of GC.

Klaudia Meta: Klaudia is a postgraduate student in Construction Project Management. Previously working as a Structural Engineer, she decided to follow a career in management. She enjoys leadership and lays a lot of emphasis on the soft skills of a manager. Having technical experience in construction, she is managing the Construction Department of GC.

About Greenwich Construction (GC) As complete newbies with absolutely no idea about what the game was all about, we find ourselves competing against the best teams in the world. However, with a strong focus and determination to succeed, we have progressed to the finals and will not rest on our laurels. The team’s reason for taking part in the competition is that it gives us the learning experience of blending classroom theory with the practice of running a Construction Company.

We are very grateful to our tutor Dr Mohammad Sakikhales who introduced the CIOB Global Students Challenge to us and is providing us with his full support.