GSC Finalists Announced

After six rounds of competition, the finalists of Global Student Challenge have been decided, and it’s a truly global mix of teams with four countries and four continents represented.

The teams who made it are as follows:

  • Cali Construction (Glasgow Caledonian University)
  • BRE Team 4 (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
  • Oath Keeper (Chongqing University)
  • Prestige Worldwide (University of Cape Town)
  • Bond Agents (Bond University)
  • AGBA (Deakin University)

It was a close-run thing in the end, with mere points separating sixth-placed AGBA, from Deakin University and seventh-placed OB-One, from Oxford Brookes University.

The most impressive movement in the final week of competition was that of Chongqing University’s team ‘Oath Keeper’, who leapt from eight to third place, securing their place in the final; Chongqing University just missed out on a final place in last year’s competition and this will be their first time in the Final. Sadly slipping out were University of Greenwich’s team ‘Continuous Flight Augers’.

The other five finalists were in the top six in the previous round. Leading, as they have done since Round 6, are Glasgow Caledonian University’s ‘Cali Construction’ and, as if to indicate their intent, they even stretched their lead. Last year’s winners also came from Glasgow Caledonian University, so Cali Construction seems to be the team to beat in the final.

After hosting the Global Student Challenge final last year, Hong Kong Polytechnic University now have a team representing them in the final for the very first time. BRE Team 4 looks in a strong position for contention, having held on to second place for the final two weeks. Could this be the year a Hong Kong team is triumphant?

In fourth, up two places, is the University of Cape Town’s team ‘Prestige Worldwide’. We’ve yet to have a South Africa winner, and maybe it could happen this year. In fifth and sixth are two Australian Universities with Bond University’s ‘Bond Agents’ and Deakin University’s ‘AGBA’. Australian teams have always performed admirably in Global Student Challenge, with a team from RMIT University being the inaugural winners of the competition.

Whichever team finally comes out on top during the finals, which will take place from 9 to 15 July in Hong Kong, all the students involved should already feel immense pride at what they’ve already achieved. With over 50 teams entered to play the game, they had to work hard to get into the top six places to qualify for the finals.

As for those teams who just missed out, we hope you both enjoyed the competition and learned a lot from the experience. You might also be comforted by our rule which allows teams who don’t make the final to compete again in subsequent years – so we look forward to seeing you compete again!