Global Student Challenge Networking Session and Site Visits

The students didn’t just spend their time in Hong Kong competing in the competition. We had a whole day between the final period of competition and the announcement of the result.
The day started early with site visits – so early that not all the students managed to make it to the bus in time! The first site was Anderson Road, a development of public rental housing that works to a six-day cycle fast track construction method. It manages this by use of precast kitchen and bathroom units, along with an on-site batching plant to ensure a steady supply of concrete.
The second side was the Xiqu Centre, which will be a world-class arts venue specifically built for Chinese opera. The presentation at the site showed the students how they were incorporating BIM into the build. The site also used a synchronous hydraulic heavy lifting technique and will have an aluminium feature façade.
Once back at the hotel, everyone had a few moments to grab a quick shower before one of the more anticipated sessions of the week – the GSC networking session.
Chaired by Ayo Allu (London Time Zone representative) and Salvatore Capotosto (UK & Ireland Novus representative), and attended by the students and Members’ Forum delegates, this session gave the students a chance to talk a little about themselves.
First up was Peter Tegg from Bond Agents, who talked about how he began his degree as a way to upskill. George Meek from AGBA spoke a little about his team’s strategy during the game, and how he was conflicted over whether to specialise in architecture or construction management after his degree.
Sylvie Xiawei from BRE Team 4 talked about why she and her team wanted to compete in the challenge. She then passed the mic over to teammate Bruce, who explained about how the team had been at odds over their marketing strategy. They finally decided to vote on it.
When asked about a favourite building, Duncan McAslan from Cali Construction began to talk about his admiration of bridge design and engineering. He also revealed that his team had invested the maximum about into their marketing in order to allow them to see everything their competitors could.
Moving to James Myburgh from Prestige Worldwide, he spoke of his team’s rationale behind bidding during the game. Wu Chengke from Oath Keeper also spoke on the subject of bidding, and his enthusiasm for it. Teammate Hu Shaojian chimed in, and accidentally revealed that his team had made a mistake in the final round!
The session ended on that note, with delegates directing some final questions to Ron McCaffer and Jonathan Higgins about the MERIT software. The students now had the rest of the day free to relax before the results announcement the next day.