Global Student Challenge Day Two

Day Two began early for the students at 09:00 – although some had clearly been up for a substantial part of the night working on their Period 13 decisions. When the results came, it was something of an anti-climax, with all teams maintaining the same position.

Whilst the students were awaiting the results of Period 14, they received a visit from some of the trustees as well as the CIOB CEO – Rebecca Thompson, Chris Soffe, Chris Chivers and Chris Blythe. They were there to see one of the biggest shocks in the competition so far when BRE Team 4 from Hong Kong Polytechnic fell to 5th place after being consistently ranked 2nd throughout the final. They were replaced by a resurgent Bond Agents from Bond University.

The day continued in much the same fashion, with most teams swapping places each round as they got closer to the final round and some admitting to adopting riskier strategies in a final ditch attempt to unseat Cali Construction from the top spot!

The day ended with the final round of competition, but the students were now in for a long wait until the results were announced on Thursday night. That evening, the students attended the British Consulate-General Reception, listening to a speech from trade commissioner Frances Moffatt-Houadio on the opportunities in Hong Kong and wide region for international construction organisdatins, as well as the wide value of trade links. There was also an opportunity for our students to network with senior construction professional, education providers and notable dignitaries.