Global Student Challenge 2016 day one

The first day of the finals of Global Student Challenge began with the students attending the AGM to see Paul Nash officially handed over the President’s role. Then, a workshop on Global Recognition where they were able to give their input into CIOB strategic thinking.
After a fantastic buffet lunch in the Tiffin Lounge, it was finally to work!
A quick briefing from Jonathan Higgins and Ron McCaffer on the rule changes for the final, and the students set off to their assigned rooms to complete their first period of data.
The results for the first period saw a couple a changes to the team positions, with AGBA from Deakin University and Prestige Worldwide from University of Cape Town swapping.
Period 12 saw more changes. AGBA continued their upward climb, with a strong 3rd place, whilst Bond University slipped down to 6th position. Both Cali Construction and BRE Team 4 managed to maintain their 1st and 2nd places, respectively.
Despite the students being given Period 13 to work on overnight, they managed to make it out to the Jumbo Floating Restaurant for the Cultural Evening with the rest of the Members’ Forum delegates.

Eight courses into the seemingly endless banquet, Oath Keeper from Chongqing University saw an opportunity to stock up and left the boat that evening with five boxes of food. We’re sure they enjoyed their feast whilst they stayed up that night working on their decisions.